New York Mets FanFest at Citi Field

New York Mets FanFest Tickets

Citi Field | Queens, New York

Imagine this: a Saturday night full of possibilities – the perfect night for something extraordinary. Hundreds of people, sharing one unreal moment: hearing the melody of everyone’s favorite hit live for the first time… And you are one of them. This is what you can experience this Saturday 25th January 2020 seeing New York Mets FanFest LIVE for a show you will never forget. Citi Field is getting ready to host one of the most thrilling shows of 2020. New York Mets FanFest will bring the stunning sound and shake the whole of New York City for a night New York will want to remember. All you need to do is get a ticket an expect the unexpected because New York Mets FanFest sure will deliver.

New York Mets FanFest at Citi Field

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