For the safety and security of all guests, staff, and performers or sports players at Citi Field Stadium, the venue operates a strict company policy, outlined in the rules and regulations below. Please read through them carefully and observe them during your visit to Citi Field Stadium.

1. Electronic Equipment

Citi Field allows the use of small film or digital cameras. Professional audio, video and photographic equipment are not permitted in accordance with security and copyright legislations.

The use of cell phones at Citi Field is permitted, provided their use does not disturb or inhibit the enjoyment of other guests.

2. Alcohol

Alcohol may be purchased by individuals above legal drinking age with a valid ID. Visitors behaving in a drunk or disorderly manner may be escorted from the premises. The consumption of alcoholic beverages on the sidewalks or in the parking lots is a criminal offence. Any indivisual found doing so is subject to arrest.