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The Governors Ball Music Festival, built by New Yorkers, for New Yorkers. Music. Art. Food. Experiences. Community. Surprises. NEW. YORK. CITY. The Gov Ball experience encompasses all of these and is unlike any other festival out there, the festival is always evolving, always entertaining, and always striving to exceed your expectations.

Governors Ball Music Festival new york

You’re Doing Great

/ yu̇r / dü-iŋ / ˈgrāt

  1. A simple, yet versatile expression that gives encouragement and expresses approval over another’s actions.
  2. A lighthearted way of poking fun at a friend, while also telling him/her/them you love them in the platonic sense.
  3. The mantra of The Governors Ball, a festival that promotes encouragement, positive reinforcement, good vibes, good laughs, and damn good times.
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With 4 Stages and over 70 acts, featuring at leased 20 bands per day. Plus, a food program that highlights the City’s best eats and exposes its incredible culinary diversity. Visual artists from all over NYC and around the world come to display their latest creations. A beverage program that features popular name brands, craft, spirits, cocktail concoctions, and plenty of non-alcoholic options. Art installations in the form of mural towers, huge statues, and high-flying inflatables. Unannounced pop-up performances that will surprise and delight. This is the festival that kicks off the summer music season and what better way to welcome the season than an incredible lineup of 70+ performing artists, including headliners that all have strong ties to NYC. This is Gov Ball.

The multi-day music festival was originally held on Randalls Island in New York City, but having outgrown the venue, it has now moved to Citi Fields Stadium in Queens. Launched in 2011 by original founders Jordan Wolowitz, Tom Russell, Yoni Resiman, and Robert Spratlen, the festival features a diverse array of genres and styles of music, including rock, electronic, hip-hop, indie, Americana, pop, folk, and more.

Transforming Citi Field into a One-of-a-Kind Festival Experience with a 360° festival layout that prevents sound bleed and completely eliminates long walks between stages, the festival’s layout is truly unparalleled. Past headliners include Billie Eilish, A$AP Rocky, Post Malone, Tame Impala, Flume, Missy Eliot, Vampire Weekend, Tyler the Creator, Florence + the Machine, The Strokes, Eminem, Jack White, Travis Scott, Yeah Yeah Yeahs and many, many more.

The Governors Ball Music Festival

Specially curated culinary offerings and libations are featured along the perimeter of the grounds, all exposing NYC’s incredible culinary diversity, so you never have to go far for sustenance. Round the outside, you’ll find an enormous assortment of almost anything you can think of that just shouts NYC, past vendors include, Davey’s Ice Cream, Gordo’s Cantina, Twist And Smash’d, La Newyorkina, Friterie, Marty’s V Burger, Takumi Taco, The Lobster Joint and, so many delights more, you could come for the food alone! And then there’s the drinks stands’, serving everything from a cool Bud Light, Bacardi spritzers, Goose Island IPA, to strange lime muddled aperitifs served in a real coconut.

Massive shipping containers are stacked, painted and remodeled as art installations throughout the site, creating a unique street art aesthetic that screams New York City! Plus loads of activations and experiences that enhance all 5 human senses, providing endless entertainment beyond the music. With high grade AstroTurf placed over asphalt areas to add color and comfort, and with all forms of public transportation serving Citi Field, it couldn’t be easier to get to Governors Ball or leave at the end of the day.

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Gov Ball 2022 is open to all ages, and all children 5 years old and younger are admitted free. Strollers are allowed.

The festival is a rain or shine event. In the event of rain, which has happened a lot in the past, we advise ponchos, boots, umbrellas, and rubber duckies. In the event of sunshine, we advise sunglasses, sunscreen, water, and shocking pink flamingos.

Do bring, small CLEAR bags, no larger than 12”x 6”x 12,” / small clutch-type bag, no larger than 4.5″ x 6.5″ and a Valid Driver’s License for will-call, entry and to drink alcohol. (2) Factory sealed bottles of water (non-glass containers) or better yet, bring an empty refillable bottle. Your Phone charging case or phone charger, however phone charge stations will be set up on the field, but there is often a que.

Don’t bring, Weapons of ANY kind, Fireworks or explosives, Illegal Substances or any Tobacco or smoking products of any kind, including e-cigs, vape, etc. Professional still camera equipment, anything with detachable lenses bigger than 2”, no tripods, big zooms, or commercial use rigs, any audio or video recording equipment, including drones or hover cameras.

There are ATMs at several locations throughout the festival grounds with applicable service fees. Plus, many vendors accept credit cards, including the merch tents and the food and beverage tents. Another method of payment, right on your wristband, is Gov Ball Cashless. Simply register for Gov Ball Cashless when you activate your wristband, create a secure pin, and you will be able to make payments with your wristband. This will quicken lines, save everyone time, and make life easy-peasy lemon-squeezy.

Free Water stations will be located throughout the grounds for you to use at your convenience and satiate your thirst. It is EXTREMELY important that you stay hydrated at the festival, regardless of how hot it is outside. “Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty.”

Governors Ball Music Festival tickets

“This is my 5th Gov Ball & Gov Ball is just one of my favorite festivals. It’s more than just the music, but the art & the people… it’s just an all-around experience!”

‘F–k Covid,’ Inflatable Ducks, and Glorious Chaos, Review of Governors Ball by Jeff Ihaza, Elias Leight, and Sarah Grant for Rolling Stone Magazine.

“The festival felt more New York than ever, since it was held in the parking lot outside the stadium where the Mets play and the 7 train rumbles back and forth in the distance. Governors Ball really is a New York City festival. There’s no glamping at Gov Ball, no frilly art installations, no Ferris wheels or people in flower crowns. Who has the time? People who go to Gov Ball are all business: Show up, do drugs, listen to music, get back on the train. Then do it all again for two more days — that’s New York Tough. And this year, the festival felt more New York than ever, since it was held in the parking lot outside the stadium where the Mets play and the 7 train rumbles back and forth in the distance. It never stops — and neither does Gov Ball. There was more music packed into three days than anyone could possibly see. This year also marked Gov Ball’s 10th birthday, so each day had a celebratory tone, bolstered by wildly euphoric sets.”