Citi Field Seating Chart

citi field stadium seating chart

Seating Capacity

The Citi Field Stadium boasts a 41,800 seating capacity of of 19″ to 24″; 21” width seats. 868 of these are wheelchair seats. The stadium also features 54 luxury suites, including 10 Sterling Suites, 39 Porsche Suites, and 5 Porsche Party Suites.

Seating Sections

Citi Field has a capacity of 41,922 for baseball games. It contains six levels, numbered in the 00s, 100s, 200s, 300s, 400s, and 500s. The higher the number, the higher the section is relative to the field, and the cheaper tickets tend to be. The lowest seat numbers are always closest to home plate, increasing as the rows move away towards the outer fields.

The exact sections are:

  • Fiserv Suites 1-10
  • Clover/Fiserv Level 11-19
  • Field Level 101-143
  • Empire Suites 201-244
  • Excelsior Level 301-339
  • Promenade Level 401-437 and 501-538

All sections have their benefits. Those behind the plate have a perfect view of the action, while those towards the outfields have a great chance of catching a fly ball. Some prefer sitting higher to get a bird’s eye view of the action.

If you’re an autograph hunter, the best sections are along the first and third base lines, in sections 106, 107, 108 and 126, 127, and 128.

Accessible seating

Citi Field has excellent facilities with over 800 accessible seats. These can be found in the following sections:

  • Delta Sky360 Club: Sections G and F
  • Clover/Fiserv Level: Section 16
  • Field Level: Sections 102, 104, 105, 109-114, 116, 119, 121-125, 129-132, 134-136, 140, 142, 143
  • Excelsior Level: Sections 303-305, 308, 312, 317, 321, 326, 328, 330, 335, 336
  • Promenade Level: Sections 403, 404, 406-411, 413, 415-417, 419-425, 428-434.

The whole stadium has wheelchair entry, restrooms, and elevators. Likewise, all entry points are ADA-accessible to ensure a smooth visit.

Assistive listening devices are available for free to guests – simply visit the Rotunda Ticket Services Office on the day of an event.

Seating, wheelchair entry, drinking fountains, restrooms, elevators, the left field ramp, and wheelchair requests are available for visitors with disabilities. Service animals, such as guide dogs, must be harnessed or tethered at all times (barring special exemptions), and are required to rest in the seating area of the animal’s owner, rather than in the aisle.

VIP seating

Those wishing to upgrade their Citi Field experience have a huge range of options — from private suites to club entry. VIP suites are located in the Fiserv and Empire sections, while the selection of clubs includes:

  • Cadillac Club at Payson’s
  • Delta Sky360˚ Club
  • Clover Homeplate Club from Fiserv
  • Hyundai Club
  • Empire Club
  • Coors Light Skyline
  • Piazza 31 Club
  • Hudson Whiskey NY Club.

These clubs offer exclusive benefits, including VIP parking, food, drinks, lounges, and other services. Please contact the venue to upgrade your visit.