Foo Fighters, The Pretenders & Mammoth WVH at Citi Field

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Citi Field | Flushing, New York

Foo Fighters

Prepare yourselves for the ultimate rock extravaganza! The legendary Foo Fighters, the incomparable Pretenders, and the sensational Mammoth WVH are set to grace the hallowed grounds of Citi Field on the evening of Wednesday, the 17th of July 2024. Get ready to rock your socks off and witness a mind-blowing display of musical prowess that will leave you breathless! The highly anticipated Everything or Nothing at All Tour 2024, shall serve as a glorious tribute to their, But Here We Are, album of 2023.

“‘But Here We Are’ is a beautiful, noisy celebration of brotherhood and a stark, painful exploration of loss. It is messy, gut-wrenching, ambitious and gorgeous, as the remaining members of Foo Fighters push themselves to their limits and beyond. Through it all, ‘But Here We Are’ is an undeniable reminder of the healing, unifying power of music.”

The Foo Fighters are back and ready to rock your world with their most epic tour yet, following the release of their eleventh album! Get ready to witness their electrifying performances at festivals, arenas, and stadiums this year! The band recently announced that Josh Freese is officially joining them as their new tour drummer!

After two absolutely devastating losses, the band triumphantly rises from the ashes with their electrifying eleventh studio album, But Here We Are! Both Dave Grohl's incredible mother, Virginia, and the beloved drummer of the band, Taylor Hawkins, passed away unexpectedly in 2022. Taylor's death happened in March of that year, while the band was on tour! This album is set to be an EPIC tribute to the two AMAZING people who have ALWAYS been there for Dave and the rest of the band!

Greg Kurstin absolutely crushed it, co-producing the album with the band! The album was released on June 2, 2023! Without Hawkins, lead vocalist and lyricist Dave Grohl PERFORMED and RECORDED every drum track on the album! "Rescued" "Under You!" "Show Me How" and "The Teacher" are the four singles that preceded the album.

The Foo Fighters are hands down one of the most successful rock groups in Grammy history, with a mind-blowing fifteen wins! And to top it off, five of those wins were for Best Rock Album! The group won the inaugural "Global Icon" trophy at the 2021 MTV Video Music Awards! In that same year, for the very first time ever, they were finally eligible for induction, They were absolutely, welcomed with open arms into the prestigious Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

Founder Chrissie Hynde of the British-American rock band The Pretenders started the group in 1978. With a history spanning over 45 years, it's no surprise that many members of the band have come and gone, with Chrissie Hynde remaining the only constant. At the 2022 Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert at Wembley Stadium, they performed "Precious," "Tattooed Love Boys," and "Brass in Pocket" alongside Foo Fighters and Dave Grohl on the drums.

Released in September 2023, and preceded by the song "Let the Sun Come In" is the band's twelfth studio album, Relentless. Record Collector hailed it as "a masterly achievement, tasting of truth" with a "second half [that] chooses a slow-burn temperature" and "a broader scale" compared to the band's previous two albums, "embracing both the diamond-hard dynamics and romantic respites of the matchless early albums". Mojo opined that "surely Relentless is how Chrissie Hynde always wanted the Pretenders to sound."

Foo Fighters at Citi Field

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